How to get Verified on Instagram

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Instagram verification is a great way to increase trust between your brand and potential customers as well as elevate your brand above your competitors. Not only does that beautiful blue check mark make your Instagram profile stand out as a trustworthy source, but it also comes with a few amazing conversion perks. (Check out those perks here.) Keep in mind that a verification is available for a person or business who has a nice-sized following and/or engagement. So, what are the steps to getting making your Instagram business account official? I’ll show you!

How do I get my Instagram account verified?

Instagram verification used to be an illusive art. Until very recently, verified accounts were sourced and chosen by hand by the verification teams at Instagram. Business owners could do very little to influence who was chosen, outside of a few hacks and crossed fingers.

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While there is still no magic formula to ensure verification, there is now a way to place your business’ Instagram profile page right in front of Instagram’s verification approval team. Today, you’ll learn how to locate the request form.

Before submitting a request, be sure to have your ID ready.

How do request Instagram Verification?

  1. Convert your account to a Business Account. Ensure that your Instagram account has been transformed into a Business Instagram account.
  2. Visit your Settings. Do this by visiting your account page, tapping the hamburger menu in the upper right, and selecting “Settings” at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Select “Request Verification”. This can be found under the “Account” section.
  4. Confirm your account within the Instagram verification form. Enter your name, DBA, and a photo ID to begin the verification process.
  5. Wait and get excited about increasing your list of verified badges. As of this moment, we have no surefire tips, but check back or share your own success with us.

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